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New Steam Releases

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The early summer is especially hot when it comes to the newest games on Steam, there are many new releases that you can get for your Steam Wallet Codes and make long summer days,much more enjoyable. Here are few fresh Steam titles that will help you to cool down a little bit during hot summer days.

Ah, lovely Physics – The Orb Chambers

In good old days there were platforms, puzzle games and physics based games, but today it id possible to blend them into one, single title, that is exactly what The Orb Chambers game is trying to do, combining different genres into enjoyable experience. More than 40 challenging levels are waiting for you, a game that offers many hours of pain and pleasure, challenge and the thrill of accomplishment. The game is based on real-time physics engine that correspond to mouse movement. Basically, you are an Orb, in searching for the exit to each level, a setting well-known, but the developers managed to combine all well-known elements in innovative and fun game. If you like puzzle games, The Orb Chambers may be your ideal summer time waster!

Pretty Girls on Steam – Sakura Dungeon

If you love dungeon games in a style of Eye of Beholder and Dungeon Crawl, and if you love Sakura series arts /read girls with impressive attributes/, you simply must play Sakura Dungeon, a thrilling JRPG game that offers hours of real challenge for hard-core Sakura games fans.  Typically for this series, you will be in arole of a girl, this time in a form of fox spirit, Yomi, trying to explore dungeon and collect loot in search for lost Gem of Three Worlds. In your quest, you can create party up to 6 characters and remind yourself of old style crawling dungeon action. Let us be honest, this game is manga/hentairpg, but it is different from other games in Sakura series, that are simple “click me” games. If you like Dungeon crawling games and Sakura Games, Sakura Dungeon offers best from both worlds.

Build Your Ideal Spaceship – Captain Forever Remix

Another interesting game genre mix came to the Steam, this time in a form of Captain Forever Remix, astonishing combination of rogue-like game and space shooter. The goal of the game is to create strongest spaceship in the Universe while destroying your opponents and dangerous obstacles along the way. The game offers unique art style, solid sound effects and beautiful background music that will keep you addicted for a while. If you are looking for alternative way to play this lovely game, you may try steam wallet code generator, and start your cosmic adventure right away!

The Game of Endless Possibilities – Planet Centauri

The long waited Planet Centauri finally arrived on Steam in a form of early access game, the title that will be praised by fans of Terraria and Starbound. It offers unique art style, flawless retro graphics and almost unlimited possibilities in building your character. You are in a role of space explorer, in search for new biomes and unknown life forms. During your journey, you will be able to craft your own spells and forge exclusive weapons while tamed monsters will become your lovely pets.

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